Iran said planning to target decoy U.S. aircraft carrier in drills

An Iranian newspaper is reporting that the countrys military plans to
target a mock-up American aircraft carrier during upcoming war games.

The Sunday report by independent Haft-e Sobh daily quotes Adm. Ali
Fadavi, navy chief of the powerful Revolutionary Guards as saying
Iranian forces should “target the carrier in the trainings, after it
is completed.”

Adm. Fadavi said: “We should learn about weaknesses and strengths of our

This is the first reaction by Iranian officials to a March report that
said Iran is building a simple replica of the USS Nimitz in a shipyard
in the southern port of Bandar Abbas. Iranian officials did not
comment then but state TV said it would be used in a movie.

Iranian newspapers said it was “part of the decor” of a movie being
made by Iranian director Nader Talebzadeh on the 1988 shooting down of
an Iran Air civilian plane by the USS Vincennes. The United States
says the downing of the plane, which killed all 290 passengers and
crew, was an accident.

United States intelligence analysts first noticed it last summer from
satellite photos of Iranian military installations.

The ship has the same distinctive shape and style of the Navy’s
Nimitz-class carriers, as well as the Nimitz’s number 68 neatly
painted in white near the bow. Mock aircraft can be seen on the flight

American officials said that the mock-up has no nuclear propulsion
system and is only about two-thirds the length of a typical
1,100-foot-long Navy carrier. Intelligence officials do not believe
that Iran is capable of building an actual aircraft carrier.

April 27, 2014


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