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MAHDAVI KANI, Mr. Mohammed Reza [Expediency Discernment Council]
DOB: 1931 POB: Kan (near Tehran)
PP: Member of the Expediency Council - Head of the Jame-y-Rohaniyat Mobarez (Combatant Clergyman Society) (right wing)
E: Studies Religion Sciences in Tehran - In 1947 continued the study in Qom for 14 years - under supervision of Ayatollah Khomaini, Ayatollah Tabrizi, Ayatollah Rafi'ie Tabrizi and Ayatollah Broujerdi
C: 1949: Began political activity with Navab Safavi in Qom - Arrested in Isfahan by SAVAK
1962: After the death of Ayatollah Broujerdi, he extended his political activity to Tehran and was arrested several times and tortured in prison.
Taught Religion Sciences in Tehran, Maravi Mosque - Mean while he was Friday Imam of Jalili Mosque in Tehran - Two months before revolution he was appointed by Imam Khomaini as a member of Revolutionary Council
After Revolution: By the order of Imam Khomaini, he became the Head of Revolutionary Committees - Later in 1979, he was appointed to Guardian Council of constitution but resigned when he became Prime Minister after the assassination of Raj'aie, August 30, 1981 - On August 2, 1982 resigned from the head of the Revolutionary Committee - Member of the Guardians' Council of the Constitution (since March 12, 1982).
L: Arabic

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