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EBRAHIMI, Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim [Artists]
DOB: 1948 POB: Tehran
PP: Teacher, sculptor and film maker
C: Cooperation with Agriculture Ministry from 1989 - cooperation with Al Zahra University from 1990 - cooperation with Islamic Propagation Organization - made educational documentary films for training of farmers - making of posters for World Food Day - held exhibitions in 1975, 1988, 1989 and 1992 of sculpture depicting malnutrition and hunger - research on various kinds of diseases for making films on these fields - making of documentary films for education of children and young adults
Pub: Two books for children, book on designing of ABC of Farsi for Intellectual Training Center in 1982, book on digestive system in 1982.
T: To Turkey in 1982 and 83 for holding of exhibition and cultural cooperation, to Baku, Azarbaijan in 1991

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