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  Found 287 result(s) in Who's Who.

         SHAHNAZ, Mr. Jalil (Artists)
         SHAHPARI, Mr. Hassan (Artists)
         SHAHRAKI, Mr. Gholam Ali (Ministers)
         SHAHRESTANI, Mr. Hassan (Others)
         SHAHRESTANI, Mr. Mika’il (Artists)
         SHAHRIARI, Mr. Hussain Ali (Parliament Deputies)
         SHAHRIARI, Mr. Kamaleddin (Former Parliament Deputies)
         SHAHRIARI, Mr. Parviz (Others)
         SHAHROKHI, Mr. Mohammed Mehdi (Parliament Deputies)
         SHAHROKHI, Mr. Mohammed Naqi (Assembly of Experts)
         SHAHROUDI, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi (Revolution Founders)
         SHAHROUDI, Mr. Esma'il (Artists)
         SHAHRZAD, Mr. Hassan (Artists)
         SHAHRZAD, Mr. Mohammed Karim (University Professors)
         SHAHVAQ, Mr. Changuiz (Artists)
         SHAHVERDI, Mr. Asghar (Artists)
         SHAJARIAN, Mr. Ahmad Reza (Artists)
         SHAJARIAN, Mr. Mohammed Reza (Artists)
         SHAKERI, Mr. Mahmoud (University Related)
         SHAKERI, Mr. Siavosh (Artists)
         SHAKHESI, Mr. Hassan (Former Parliament Deputies)
         SHAKIBA, Mr. Hojat (Artists)
         SHAKIBA, Mr. Mehdi (Artists)
         SHAKIBA’I, Mr. Khosrow (Artists)
         SHAKIBI, Mr. Masha’alah (Former Parliament Deputies)

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